CI Research

Flows of knowledge and experimental learning between government, academia, industry, and civil society, feeding back on strategy and decision-making to create socially accountable policies and practices. 

The results of the knowledge development activities and the lessons learnt from the experiments are transformed to produce inputs for policy discussion and academic forums while contributing to policy shaping through the systemic perspective
Connecting research and policy with practitioner’s challenges

  • Regions and cities by developing outreach activities to enable systemic solutions in territorial innovation process, disseminate best practices and build links between cities and regional policy-makers.
  • Cross-sectoral and multi stakeholders environments by providing support and technical assistance in order to make use of well-established concepts and existing resources
  • Education & capacity building, by providing new strategic content for system thinking from experimental learning and co-creation approach to enable knowledge integration

Our research team conducts an ongoing review and analysis of climate solutions. We also collaborate with various research partners, including universities, government labs, and non-profit research institutes around the world, as our research continues to expand in scope and depth.