The programs selected by Circular Influence have all the same goal, to incubate great ideas and help them become viable, or as our motto eloquently puts it: we transform ideas into positive impact solutions.


Thanks to these programmes we create a clear pathway from an undefined thought in somebody’s head into a tangible solution. We attract the people who have an interest in their surrounding environment, who want to change the current status and lead the change for a circular economy.

Our work seeks to give power to the citizen, to anyone who doubts their idea can be powerful, by providing the tools, knowledge and the potential to step out into the real world and independently foster positive impact.

By accelerating such innovations we allow anyone to lead the change they want to achieve.

Circular Influence is a full member of the EIT Climate-KIC, an initiative under the European Institute of Innovation and Technology that seeks to find solutions to the worldwide climate crisis. Our organisation is a partner of a variety of their programs that pursue the acceleration of clean-tech initiatives:

About our programs

ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition and Circular Influence is the National Lead of this program in 4 countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Italy.
The goal of this program is to gain unique and crucial knowledge from a partner organisation, such as Circular Influence, and compete against other startups that have found solutions to climate-related concerns. All that it takes to participate is identifying an issue and proposing an idea that may offer its solution.
Some applicants have been developing their business model and idea for years and others for a couple of weeks, nonetheless, Climate Launchpad provides the space to anyone.
After many weeks of practice, webinars, pitch rehearsals and other preparations the peak of this program arrives. Firstly, startups compete with other teams from the same country at the National Final. The second stage is the Regional Final where all teams from one region, such as the whole of Europe, pitch in front of a jury. The absolutely best ideas make it to the Global Grand Final where the jury selects the teams with the highest potential.

Climathon is a program all based around a specific city and set out challenges.
Circular Influence has currently present in Argentina and Uruguay for this program but within these countries, we reach out to 36 different cities.
Every year, Circular Influence identifies the most pressing issues in these cities and we create a number of challenges that aim to incentivize action on the part of the citizens living in these urban areas.
At the core of the program is an ideathon that spans over 12-72 hours. During this program, a diverse group of participants ranging from policymakers to entrepreneurs, youth to business leaders, hackers to academics, and students to professionals, come together to collaborate on forward-thinking ideas. The aim of Climathon is to raise climate awareness, disrupt the status quo, and rethink the places we live in and the future we want as citizens.
We believe that rather than being presented with overwhelming and unstructured climate-related issues, citizens need to tackle individual, tangible challenges. In this way, we give power to the people who live in these environments and care for them the most.

The Digital Education Hack was created to co-create the future of digital education. Circular Influence brings this program to 7 countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal.

This distinctive program combines a series of online and offline idea-hackathons from all around the world, focusing on co-creating the future of education in the digital age. Participants get involved in many activities, such as daily webinars, DigiEduHack websites for each location and they gain access to the Circular Influence community platform.
The beauty of DigiEduHack is that everybody is welcome. You don’t have to have coding skills or a team behind you. Anybody who wishes to challenge themselves and collaborate on establishing new solutions can join this program and compete with other changemakers.

Young Innovators
Young Innovators tackles climate change from the angle of the youth by giving the next generation the best possible chance of reaching carbon neutrality in 2030.
Circular Influence is recruiting more and more schools from Argentina, Uruguay and Peru to participate in this program.
Together with Young Innovators, our team puts together workshops, visual tools, challenge-based learning and a well-researched innovative methodology to train partners, teachers and other educators. We train them to empathise with climate change, understand systems thinking and innovation. With these tools, educators can adapt their own curriculum towards a challenge-based education while implementing Project-Based Learning (PBL). The result should be the ability to define the issues connected with climate change so that they can pass the knowledge onto the students through their teaching.