The programs selected by Circular Influence have all the same goal, to incubate great ideas and help them become viable, or as our motto eloquently puts it: we transform ideas into positive impact solutions.


Thanks to these programmes we create a clear pathway from an undefined thought in somebody’s head into a tangible solution. We attract the people who have an interest in their surrounding environment, who want to change the current status and lead the change for a circular economy.

Our work seeks to give power to the citizen, to anyone who doubts their idea can be powerful, by providing the tools, knowledge and the potential to step out into the real world and independently foster positive impact.

By accelerating such innovations we allow anyone to lead the change they want to achieve.

Circular Influence is a full member of the EIT Climate-KIC, an initiative under the European Institute of Innovation and Technology that seeks to find solutions to the worldwide climate crisis. Our organisation is a partner of a variety of their programs that pursue the acceleration of clean-tech initiatives: