CI COMMUNITY & Workgroups

We are creating a movement of empowered climate actors and changemakers.

Circular Influence involves a thriving community of empowered climate actors and changemakers. Although our members come from varied backgrounds, they have all either taken part in a programme or project or identify with our values and goals. Therefore, our community platform provides change-makers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, partners, startups, fellows and volunteers with the crucial collaborative space designed for finding effective solutions. Our community aims to be an open, dynamic, self-organising and action-focused community for circular economy and climate action. Collectively, we are taking action towards a more sustainable future.

Ever since our foundation we have been strategically searching for collaborators from all around the world that could come together on the CI platform and apply our challenge-based framework to identifying impactful climate solutions. Our community platform builds on this global framework and encourages collaborative culture through designated workgroups. Each workgroup focuses on a precise sector of creating such a positive climate impact so that when combined, we can cultivate a well-researched and tested movement towards a circular economy.

For this very purpose, we work in between 3 layers: Education, Research & Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Firstly, building awareness and knowledge are the first steps to helping individuals and sectors to act on climate change, but empowering people through developing new competencies and skills is when they can really make a difference. With a focus on real-life challenges and learning by doing, our online learning programmes are the most transformative of their kind.

Secondly, we foster flows of knowledge and experimental learning between government, academia, industry, and civil society, feeding back on strategy and decision-making to create socially accountable policies and practices.

And finally, we facilitate innovation programmes which bring new technologies to the market and help develop new sustainable business models. Enabling such technologies can solve complex problems, add substantial value and significantly contribute to transforming our economies.