Sharing Circular Influence’s work with broad, diverse, public audiences is one of our key aims. Public engagement strengthens our understanding and advancement of climate solutions. Circular Influence’s public engagement collaborators help promote this two-way process.

CI Research

Engaging the government, academia, industries, and civil society in the exploration of climate change through experimental learning and research to create socially accountable policies and practices. 
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Ci Learn

Challenge-based education of adult and young audiences to broaden their knowledge about climate change, provide scientific background to climate solutions and offer expertise in systemic change. 

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CI seeks and shares stories of communities that have net-zero emissions as a common goal and have found value as a basis for climate action.

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CI rise

The testing ground of tools necessary for a successful launch, development and growth of new products, services, processes and integrated solutions to face our current climate change challenges.

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Through collaborative partnerships, we aim to support the growing constellation of efforts that move climate solutions forward and the world toward net-zero emissions —as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible.

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