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Visit to the Catholic University of Uruguay, our partner since 2021!

The Catholic University of Uruguay is the oldest private university of the country and its commitment to academic excellence, ideological pluralism, ecumenism and interreligious dialogue has made it one of the key players in Uruguay's cultural scene. ...
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New school in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, joins Circular Influence!

On monday 9th of May of 2022 our team visited the San Gabriel Collage in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. There they met with Irene Carro and Pamela Castillo. The College is a secular and bilingual institution recognized to have a very personalized teach...
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Countryside visit in the Agro Technical School Nr. 1!

The school is called “El Tatú” after an old shelter that is located in the countryside that belongs to the humid grasslands near the city of Zarate. In 1985 the will of the community to have a school that taught agro technical skills and knowledge ended u...

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