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An innovative and smart solution for the circular economy.

Transparency, impact and purpose, are what the new smart consumers will value in their future purchase decisions.

TraceSurfer is a smart traceability solution that will help companies recover materials from garments, save production costs and generate new revenue streams, while successfully empowering their consumers with relevant information, helping them make better consumer decisions.

Become part of the change towards a circular economy by closing your loop:

TraceSurfer is a smart label, easily scannable with a smartphone where consumers can access the products’ provenance encrypted with blockchain, material traceability, its origin, correct use and repair options. Once the product reaches its lifespan, the consumers can scan the code and return the products to the brand in exchange for customer benefits, closing the loop of the product and allowing fashion brands to recycle the materials.

How TraceSurfer works
  • They trace your products throughout their manufacturing processes and input this information into blockchain.
  • They store all the supply chain data in one place so you can access detailed and relevant information.
  • Their TraceSurfer smart label receives all the information which becomes available to your consumers, helping them make better consumer decisions.