Technology tutors for children

Technology tutors for children
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Technology tutors for children seek to offer online tutoring services for primary school children, to solve the problems of children in virtuality. 

From a guide for using educational platforms to teaching the use of computer tools, ensuring that the child can carry out his or her work with the greatest possible efficiency and quality and without anyone moving from home. 

They will ask for feedback from responsible adults on the progress of their performance and the independence gained in order to improve the techniques that the tutor uses. The service will be virtually supervised by a teacher who will assist tutors in their problems. This will be part of an academic subject, which will coordinate, train tutors and encourage with an academic credit to these, who will be motivated and prepared for any virtual encounter with children. As for teachers, they may have virtual contact, if the parents allow it, with each representative and psycho pedagogue of the institution from which the child comes. In this way, they will have access to the reports and performances of the children assigned. 

To be able to carry out each action we offer an online platform where each primary student can request a tutor. Following this, the teacher will assign the child to a tutor who will contact to start the virtual encounters. We also offer the student educational resources which will be filtered by the student’s age. In this platform, it will be possible to monitor reports and the feedback carried out with the responsible adult, evaluating the student’s progress.

Technology tutors for children