Solar Dryers

Solar Dryers
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Solar Dryers develop a technology to dehydrate fruits and vegetables using solar power with the intention of offering their innovation to fruit and vegetable producers as well as consumers. 

The founder of Solar Dryers was frustrated when witnessing large amounts of food waste from their family farm caused by a lack of presence at the market. Currently, many farmers are held captive by intermediaries who set prices based on the supply of products which can create a substantial excess of the goods and food waste in general. Therefore Solar Dryers decided to change their target products and enter a new market of dehydrated fruits and vegetables which would make use of excessive production. All of this would be done while using sunlight to dry the fruits and vegetables instead of nonrenewable sources of energy such as gas to mitigate the generation of CO2 emissions. 

Moreover, Solar Dryers wish to change the product itself by utilizing crops more efficiently, reducing pesticide and herbicide use, eliminating preservatives thus increasing the overall quality of the product. They wish to do this by bettering the design and performance of already existing solar drying technologies.

Solar Dryers