Remote Matter Labs

Remote Matter Labs
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Remote Matter Labs are labs modules prepared to be operated remotely. As they are real laboratories, not virtual ones, they allow more features than the simulators that are usually used to overcome shortcomings in laboratory equipment. 

The COVID19 pandemic has exposed certain problems already established and has challenged us to develop different solutions to overcome the restrictions and continue with the different activities to which we were used. One of the activities that have been most affected by the pandemic was education and within education, the access to STEM career practices, but this was already a problem in a country like Argentina with more than 3M km2 in extension with very marginal areas that certain technologies never arrive.

These remote labs contribute to sustainability by reducing the mobility of students to and within large urban centres and provide accessibility to high-cost technologies and knowledge to students and institutions with fewer resources, also allowing access not only to equipment but to advice by specialists on the subject, achieving real democratization of STEM careers.

Success can be easily measured by the degree of expertise developed by the students, of these careers, with the acquisition of new knowledge and technical skills, then comparing them with those who attend in-person laboratories.

Remote Matter Labs