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Power Junk wishes to utilize large amounts of garden waste from neighbourhoods and convert it into biofuel and other products.

The proper disposal of garden waste remains to be one of many cities’ problems. Without any treatment, this waste tends to be disposed of in landfills which in consequence produce greenhouse gases. This may seem ironic, considering the worldwide push towards renewable sources of energy such as biofuel which also makes use of plants.

Power Junk noticed this issue in their own neighbourhood in Argentina where tons of garden waste ends up untreated, polluting the environment. The system they propose achieves a double impact on the environment. It reduces the carbon footprint in the waste disposal by decreasing the methane generated in the decomposition of garden waste and provides an alternative use of wood pellets instead of natural gas or electric energy for heating.

Their process uses current technology to transform the garden waste into pellets. The classification of the waste such as grass, leaves, branches, logs, etc. is important to obtain various products. These can serve as livestock feed, absorbent material for cats, fuel for boilers or power plants.

Power Junk