Innovaciones Tecnológicas

Innovaciones Tecnológicas
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Inovaciones Tecnologicas help Peruvian farmers optimize their strategies in agriculture with a “decision support system”.
Peru has been recognized as one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. Dependence on rainfall directly influences the planting of national agricultural products and constitutes one of the main vulnerabilities of the sector. Broadly speaking, an average Peruvian farmer lives in the mountains, is poor, does not have a complete primary education, lives with insufficient access to the public water, sewage and electricity network, and has limited productive assets. However, agriculture is a crucial source of the country’s economy.
A "Decision support system" was proposed by Inovaciones Tecnologicas as a solution. The information captured by drones will be analysed through image analysis techniques combined with artificial intelligence used to monitor crops from the air. The information obtained about the conditions of each crop is later stored, treated and analyzed in order to help farmers decide according to the real-time conditions. The data can be accessed via a mobile app.
This method leads to maximum efficiency in the use of natural resources, such as water and soil, energy, fertilizers, etc., and offers a saving in the costs of obtaining the information.

Innovaciones Tecnológicas