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Grupo JVF
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Grupo JVF proposes an alternative to traditional petroleum-based fuels with their hydrogen reactors.

In recent years, it has been agreed upon worldwide that transportation can no longer depend on fossil fuels such as petroleum. Its combustion contributes to polluting emissions, especially carbon dioxide, one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases. It can also be a trigger for acid rain and its transportation carries many risks with it. Amongst many other reasons why our society needs to move away from this material is also its finite nature. Petroleum is not renewable and will eventually run out.

Customers such as public transport companies, governments, commerce and even the private sector are calling for alternatives to put petroleum in our past.  Therefore, Grupo JVF proposes a solution using hydrogen. Their innovation of hydrogen reactor has been worked on for more than 15 years and it utilizes an advanced technology both in the security system, consumption, using a PWM (pulse-width modulation) system. Also, they are developing an app to control the whole system.

Grupo JVF could potentially develop a revolutionary system that would not have to limit itself to transportation but could be also scaled to any other industry.

Grupo JVF