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Educhain offers a solution for content distribution for school education in communities without internet access, in a similar model to the Blockchain architecture where the opportunity is to transport mined educational content on mobile devices that replicate portable servers. 

They created a mobile app that identifies the lack of infrastructure and internet services in remote communities, which allows content to be transferred via Wi-Fi hotspot using push technology, where the request to send data originates from the mobile server by geo-referencing the rural location visited. The student's mobile computer that today does not have an internet connection can make use of these portable servers by browsing their contents through Wi-Fi hotspot, updating the readings, videos and exercises, being able to monitor and control the course work and the student's results. The portable server records whether the student is progressing or not. 

Educhain wants to reach the 3,400 rural educational institutions of the National Route N40 with better access to education through digital technology, providing knowledge on measures to limit the effects of climate change, on a job opportunity in the energy sector renewables and social and environmental awareness showing the opportunities offered by more sustainable development. These contents can be provided by foundations, ONG´s, CSR, existing Mooc content, as well as testimonial conferences from people working in these sectors. 

The idea is to generate this access to education for the most disadvantaged students by reducing this inequality of access to information.