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CIRCCLO provides a delivery service of home cleaning products, using returnable packaging that can last for multiple rounds of service.

It is no secret that the manufacturing of single-use plastic involves various unsustainable and polluting practices, not even taking into consideration the impact plastic has on the environment once it is disposed of. To combat this issue, CIRCCLO focused on an essential item in every household, cleaning products, and changed its production cycle of life. This company delivers the cleaning product to your household but takes care of the packaging for you.

CIRCCLO seeks to give people the possibility of paying only for the refill, that is, the liquid and not having to buy a container that they do not need, every time they go to buy a product. This directly impacts the cost with which our clients can enjoy a fairer price.

In addition, they facilitate the task of going to the supermarket to buy these products by giving them the possibility of receiving them at home, easily coordinating an automatic product replacement.

With CIRCCLO the dream is that one day we can look back on the concept of waste as an anomaly that we are grateful to have moved beyond.