Biodomo Team

Biodomo Team
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Biodomo Team transforms the gases from the city sewage system into oxygen and the growth of plants for human consumption.

Nowadays, city sewage treatment plants use aerobic digestion processes (aerobic bacteria) to treat sewage waste and convert organic waste into CO2 with water steam which are both greenhouse gases. These processes also produce an unpleasant odour in the surrounding areas. In addition, plant produce for citizens is often transported across long routes due to the lack of land nearby urban areas.

A biodome is a system supplied by solar energy and CO2 (in this case from sewage treatment plants) that generates vegetables or other greenhouse plants and oxygen, creating a circular economy system. The system contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint in the following ways: it takes CO2 emissions from the sewage treatment plant, as well as sewage produced in animal production and converts them into vegetables, ornamental and forest plants. Applications for pest control are avoided because the same CO2 gas is used as fertilizer as well as pest control.

The technology used is well known in greenhouse production crops. With the use of CO2 as fertilizer, fungicide and insecticide, the main novelty is that Bidomo Team obtains the costly input, CO2, for free and at the same time solve a problem that involves the emission of this gas.
Biodomo Team