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Alkimia wishes to create an integrated and bio sustainable production of fruit culture, sheep, fish and bees with biological control for small family farms.

One of the problems our growing society faces nowadays is the push for higher production in agriculture. In order to create profit, farmers are forced to exploit their land and use excessive amounts of herbicides and pesticides to optimize their output. The result is fast degradation of land, soil and water pollution, desertification, soil erosion, salinization etc.
Alkimia is a project combining multiple ideas improving the sustainability of agriculture. Firstly, they seek to substitute the use of agrochemicals in the control of pests in vineyards, peaches and citrus by bacteria and fungi. Another of their ideas is to store and use rainwater for drip irrigation and even control ant colonies by Angola hens and broken rice. Lastly, they want to reduce chemical herbicides by sheep breeding, and use compatible grass breeds with the preferable crop.
Thanks to Alkimia, food production will be built on sensitive management of natural resources while offering more nutritious food.