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  1. National Finals will be held on 27 & 28 of August
  2. Applications will be open from March 1 to:
    1. ITALY8/6
      AR & PE15/6
      UR & BO8/7
  3. Entrepreneurship Mini-Course Online:
    DAY 1DAY 2
    LATAM I (P)16/0617/06
    LATAM II (A)23/0624/06
    LATAM III (U&B)07/0708/07
  4. Selection results:
    LATAM I (P)19/06
    LATAM II(A)26/06
    LATAM III(U&B)10/07
  5. Induction Meeting with CI:
    LATAM I(P)20/06
    LATAM II(A)27/06
    LATAM III(U&B)11/07
  6. Online Bootcamp:
    OB 1OB 2OB 3
    LATAM I (P)21/0622/0623/06
    LATAM II(A)28/06
    LATAM III(U&B)12/0713/0714/07
  7. Follow Up Sessions:
    FU 117/0615/07
    FU 218/06
    FU 324/0622/07
    FU 425/0623/07
    FU 508/0729/07
    FU 609/0730/07

Climatelaunchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition. Our mission is to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change. the competition creates a stage for those ideas. Climatelaunchpad is part of the Entrepreneurship offerings of EIT Climate-KIC.

Circular Influence is a Community Knowledge and Innovation Platform that works to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free circular economy, based on systemic thinking and actions and applying the stages of Design Thinking with our programs to achieve a positive and sustainable global impact, synergies between Latin America and Europe.

Circular Influence hosts the competition in several countries in LATAM & in Europe. We have been working to train, fund, and launch start-ups since 2020. We are partners and members of the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology), co-funded by the European Union) working with ClimateKIC.

We identify and help to develop innovative ideas that are capable to mitigate global warming and fight climate change.

There are a lot of great ideas out there for improving lives and reducing emissions. Some of them remain in the idea stage, never taking the next step and becoming viable. Some of them need an extra push. They need a bit of mentoring. Some training. The benefit of experience. They need lessons from entrepreneurial failures and successes. With coaching and support, a number of ideas can become reality.

This is where we come in. The team at Circular Influence supports new cleantech startups as a ClimateLaunchad partner. Circular Influence offers training, coaching, and support.

We help you get your idea battle-proof. We’ll help you fast-track that idea into a business and bypass all possible pitfalls along the way. You’ll learn how to get your idea funded and launched.

Once you are selected to join ClimateLaunchpad, the Boot Camp and coaching sessions will help you develop your idea into a rock-solid plan. You will pitch this during your National Final and the Regional Finals. The winners of each Regional Final will go on to compete in the Global Grand Final.

Even if your idea is on the back of a napkin, you’re most welcome to join.

All entries will be reviewed and ideas that fit the bill of our competition get invited to join.

Your idea can be an innovation in renewable energy, a sustainable transition in the food chain, a mind shift in urban mobility or any other way to tackle climate change. As long as it’s in the cleantech domain: “a scientific innovation that uses existing technology to do more with fewer resources, and has a commercial driver.”

Even if your idea is still on the back of a napkin, you’re most welcome to join. Not sure if your idea fits the bill? Contact us, we’re happy to help.

Prizes in the National and Regional Finals differ per country and region. Of course there will also be prizes (cash or in kind) for the Global Grand Final winners. The overall winner of the Global Grand Final receives € 10,000, the runner up gets € 5,000 and the idea that comes in third place wins € 2,500.

The top 16 teams selected by the jury in the Semi-Finals to perform in the Final Round of the Global Grand Final, will automatically get direct access to the ClimateLaunchpad Accelerator. The big prize? A bunch of new acquired skills & knowledge and networking opportunities to get your business thriving. And of course infinite glory. All prizewinners are responsible for any taxes, wire transfer costs and other possible costs related to receiving the prize.

We have finalized 8 themes for this year’s ClimateLaunchpad competition. These themes will be the pitching streams for the teams at the Regional Finals and the Global Grand Final.

The themes are:

  • Adaptation and Resilience
  • Circular Economies
  • Urban Solutions
  • Clean Energy
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Food Systems
  • Blue Economy
  • The Next Big Thing

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