SALTO Climathon 2022

Join us and help your city find solutions and meet its Climate Goals!

Climathon is happening for the third time in Uruguay! It is your opportunity to connect with other students, education professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs to co-create the future of education and contribute to finding creative and local solutions to the global climate emergency.

You can register to the Climathon with an existing team, an existing idea, or as a motivated student or new company.

Join us and take part in the world's largest weather hackathon, choosing one of your city's challenges:

  • Challenge 1: Sustainable Mobility
  • Challenge 2: Develop circular management systems to avoid waste
  • Challenge 3: Create renewable energy districts and habits
  • Challenge 4: Food, Agriculture & Land Use
  • Challenge 5: Water Management

Register to the Warm-Up event & Webinars to learn more about Climathon and the challenges!

This is your opportunity to turn your vision into reality and showcase your solutions on a global scale. 

Experts and mentors will support your team during the 48 hours in finding the best solutions to the challenges.

Ready to take actions? Register now to your local event.



Saturday, October 29

08:15 am - Doors opening

08:30 am - Opening ceremony

09:00 am - The Hackathon starts - How will we work?

09:30 am - Team Building

10:30 am - Pitch Design Workshop

12:30 pm - Phase I: Understanding phase

13:00 pm - Phase II: Research Phase

13:30 pm - Coffee Break

14:30 pm - Phase III: Ideation Phase - Part 1

15:30 pm - Workshop on how to present your pitch

16:00 pm - Phase IV: Development phase of your pitch

Sunday, October 30

10:00 am (Ar/Ur/Pa) - Previous Day wrap up

10:30 pm (Ar/Ur/Pa) - Phase V: Final refining phase

11:30 am (Ar/Ur/Pa) - Deadline fou uploading proyects

12:00 pm (Ar/Ur/Pa) - Coffee Break

13:00 pm (Ar/Ur/Pa) - Festival of ideas / solution - Present your pitch to the jury!!!

15:00 pm (Ar/Ur/Pa) - Voting and announcements /Public Choice Award

15:30 pm (Ar/Ur/Pa) - Awards Ceremony

16:00 pm (Ar/Ur/Pa) - Closing ceremony

Our team of Experts, Coaches & Jury (TBD)


Featured Video of the climathon LEAD At eit climate-kic